Our story

Why this name ?

First of all, I would like to share with you the reason why we chose the name “Le Paradis de Lucile”.
In 2021, we opened our house for rent to travelers wishing to discover our beautiful village, visit Claude Monet's house, our magnificent region of Vexin while being in a charming house combining the beauty of the old and the comfort of the modern.
Often, when they left, our travelers told us "it's paradise here" . From there, we decided one day to give a name to the house and this one was quickly found: Le Paradis.
In 2023, wishing to progress, provide even more services, comfort and understand how beautiful guest houses / lodgings work, we decided to do a 2-day internship at Maison Séraphine with Claire, Pierre and Elisa from @edieucrea .
In addition to the fact that I met wonderful people who, like me, wanted to offer a unique moment in their existing or future home, we talked about the importance of giving a name to our homes. After a lot of brainstorming, Gladys asked me for my grandmother's first name. You guessed it, her first name was Lucile .
Le Paradis de Lucile was obvious to Gladys and our name was born. A combination of our history and family and the story I was going to write with you.
I immediately adopted this proposal, which is both simple and rich in tenderness, memories and love.
Lucile, nicknamed Mamoune to friends, was one of the pillars of my life. Such an exceptional grandmother, rich in sweetness, kindness and always there for me, my husband, my children, my mother.
This house that we offer was his second home. We spent all our summer holidays there together, when my parents were fleeing the heat of the Côte d'Azur to come and recharge their batteries in this unique place. We were also there every Christmas to meet up with my cousins, uncles and aunts. You will understand, this house is our family home, it is full of stories, happy moments and memories.
It is now up to you to come to our beautiful house to experience unforgettable moments of sharing with your family and friends.
The Le Paradis de Lucile team will do everything to make your stay a special moment where you can recharge your batteries, have fun and strengthen your relationships with your friends / family even more.
Contact us with any questions or visit our site.

Our story

In 1950 , my great uncle "Bob" wanted to fly a glider in Chérence.
My great-grandparents and grandparents decide to accompany him. They take the opportunity to take a walk, take the Route des Crêtes and pass in front of the land of the property with a sign "For sale" .
This discovery takes place a few years after the War.
My family discovered a plot of 22,000 m2 and a house. All bombarded. But the magic of sight works and my grandfather decides to do everything to buy this jewel.
It was then that my family bought and refurbished the existing house, on the top of the land.The objective is to create a family home to meet there on weekends.As you can guess from the photos, the war left behind some memories…
(You should know that the castle of La Roche Guyon is known to have been occupied by the German General Rommel during the Second World War).
The renovated house then allows the family to gather and live happily during weekends and holidays. Families are growing and it will be necessary to build another house on this heavenly place to be able to accommodate everyone comfortably.
My grandfather, a former student of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, decided to build a house overlooking the gardens of the Château and the village,He sets up his project with the companions of duty, makes his plans and decides to dig into the chalk cliffs to have a house overlooking the panorama.
After a titanic construction site, the house which will later become "Le Paradis de Lucile" is born and this magical place welcomes all new generations.
The dream of my ancestors has indeed come true. We thus spent all our Christmases, our holidays… happy to meet from generation to generation
Unfortunately in 2017, my grandparents left us. It was impossible for us to sell this house and we decided to modernize it and open it up for rental so that we could keep it.

Some pictures

The works

In 2020, we started to renovate our Paradise in order to enhance it and provide more comfort. The objective was twofold: to continue this tradition of a family home and to open it up to travellers.
This is how titanic work began: renovation of all the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, garden, access.
Like all jobs, we had disappointments and my husband had to get his hands dirty. This is how he spent all his evenings, weekends following the contractors, renovating certain rooms, doing the electricity...
We went through some pretty funny stages and our children understood that to have a magical place you had to go through harder times 😊 : living in the dust, doing the dishes in the bathtub, being in picnic mode for weeks... They knew the result was going to be so exceptional that it was worth it.
They also contributed and this is how our son Charles took care of the garden while our daughter Aline delighted our taste buds.
For the works, we made the choice to keep the architecture drawn by my grandfather (graduate of the school of fine arts), its magnificent doors imported from Spain, the natural beams, the exposed stones, the floor tiles. These marks of time give upon arrival in the house a feeling of harmony and well-being.
In parallel with the renovation of the house, we tackled the garden of more than 1 hectare. You have understood that every evening and weekend has been dedicated to Lucile's Paradise for almost 3 years . Even today, we constantly continue to improve the decoration and think about more services.
This is how since July 2023, we have decided to reference The POPOL grocery store to offer you quality aperitif products in memory of my personal history and my region of heart where I grew up.
We are always careful to renovate responsibly, using French products and if possible from small companies.
We guarantee you an exceptional stay in this heavenly place. Just by looking at this indescribable view you will be transported elsewhere.
Looking forward to welcoming you

Le Paradis de Lucile, vue de rêve, Giverny 10 mn

10 Bis route des Crêtes, La Roche Guyon, 95780, France

[email protected]


Un état descriptif de l'arrêté du 16 mai 1967 vous sera remis à votre arrivée afin de respecter la règlementation française.

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